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Letterboxd – Interactive Film Diary and Database

Are you the kind of film buff that likes to keep track of the films you’ve seen? If so, Letterboxd is a great website that allows users to keep a running diary of the movies they’ve seen, in addition to being able to rate and review them. Its function is similar to what Goodreads does for books and is a great tool for building a community with your fellow film friends and… Read more »

Explore the Makeup of Your Body

The human body is a fascinating speciman, made up of thousands of different parts that keep us going each day. The BBC recently came up with a site that tells you all of the different statistics and figures that make you who you are. You can visit the website at

Create a unique meal with MyFridgeFood

Have you ever found yourself ready to cook dinner but unable to figure out what to make? MyFridgeFood has the solution for you, using only the items located in your refrigerator at home. MyFridgeFood will give you unique recipes using those ingredients. A useful website for those can’t make it out to the grocery store or if you want to try new recipes.    

Track Sharks With Ocearch!

For all shark and marine biology lovers out there, check out the global shark tracker done by You can view and track the journey of sharks like George and Harvey as they make their way across their ocean habitat. You can also view biographies of the various sharks and find out more information about them. Visit to join the journey!

See Now – What Does Being Blind Look Like?

Sight impairment is an issue that those with able vision often times think of in binary terms of total sight or total blindness but that is more often than not not the case. See Now’s blindness simulator let’s the viewer experience the different levels of severity of sight impairment using familiar locations of the viewer as the starting point. It is a great tool for better understanding what the person… Read more »

Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions Free Online Course

For those of you who are lifelong learners and enjoy taking classes without all of the stress that comes with getting a degree, there is a great free eight week course on the science and challenges of climate change through Future Learn. If this sounds like something you’re interested or if you’re interested in checking out other great courses on Future Learn you can check out their website or click… Read more »


Check out this new website that creates a cinema tree of related movies based on quotes in reviews that lets you find recommendations of films similar to that movie. Cinetrii is a very useful tool when you want to watch a movie but are stumped on what to watch. Give it a try for yourself!  

The Public Domain Project

Royalty free video company Pond5 recently launched the Public Domain Project in which they digitized almost 80,000 copyright free video clips, audio recordings, photographs and 3D models for use of the public. Among this collection includes famous speeches from Martin Luther King, Jr., classic silent films like A Trip to the Moon and photographs from the first lunar landing among thousands of others. This is a great resource for use in creative… Read more »

Free Basic American Sign Language Class

Have you ever wanted to learn Basic American Sign Language? Well, now is your chance through a free class offered by the MidAmerica Alliance For Access. The event takes place on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at 626 Minnesota Ave, Suite 200, Kansas City, KS 66101. You will be introduced to the manual alphabet, greetings and introductions, number signs, WH questions, 25 basic signs as… Read more »

How to spot “fake news”

In this ever changing world of social media, it can be difficult to figure out what news is real. In her latest article for the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Information Specialist Lissa Staley writes about the many different ways one can be vigilant to combat the threat of fake news: Take a moment to critique the story See a “fake news” article in your inbox or news feed?… Read more »