Code of Conduct for Patrons of Basehor Library

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This Code of Conduct is intended to encourage behavior that supports the library’s Code of Service in providing a safe, clean, organized, and appropriate environment.  Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with this Code of Service, compromises the rights of others, causes damage to buildings or equipment, or causes injury to oneself or others.  Those willing to modify unacceptable behavior are always welcome to stay.  However, those unable to comply will be asked to leave or have library privileges revoked.  If necessary, the authorities will be called.  Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct and safety of persons under their care.

Examples of unacceptable library behavior include:

  • Abandoning or leaving young children unattended
  • Abuse, vandalism, or misuse of books, other materials, equipment or property
  • Bringing animals into the library (except service animals for the disabled)
  • Disruptive use of cell phones, radios, televisions or other electronic products
  • Distribution or unauthorized posting of printed materials
  • Eating and/or drinking (except in designated areas)
  • Illegal activity of any sort
  • Inappropriate, unruly, offensive, or aggressive behavior of any type
  • Inappropriate use of library computers and other electronic equipment, such as:
  • Damaging or altering electronic equipment, computer systems or software
  • Displaying, printing, sending or storing obscene, libelous, threatening or harassing material
  • Violating copyright or trademark laws, software license agreements or intellectual property rights
  • Possessing, consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Selling, soliciting, campaigning, or petitioning
  • Skateboarding, roller skating, or any similar activity on library property
  • Smoking or related tobacco use
  • Verbal abuse, physical abuse or sexual harassment of library users or staff

Adopted by the Basehor Community Library Board of Directors December 11, 2002

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