Family Involvement in Dementia Care Series; starts Thurs. May 24, 6:30 pm

May 24th • “Talking to Providers, Don’t Be Shy”
June 7th • “Finding the Best Solutions”
June 21st • “Partnership in Caring”

“Family Involvement in Dementia Care” empowers family members to establish partnerships with formal care providers in order to provide coordinated, personcentered care for individuals with dementia. The series will teach family members to work as partners in care with providers in both community and residential care settings.

The series covers topics such as communicating with providers, negotiating on behalf of your loved one,
how to ask difficult questions, managing medications, and more. All are designed to help family members better and more comfortably represent the needs and preferences of their loved ones. The focus is on the delivery of personcentered care, which involves knowing, respecting, and valuing the person’s lifelong characteristics and abilities.

Presented by Maritza Buenaver, MD. You do not have to attend all three classes, however
registration is required. Register at the front desk or by calling (913) 724-2828.