Are you ready to vote in November?

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Need election information? We have it !

There is a Constitutional Amendment question on the ballot: Senate Concurrent Resolution 1618 (SCR 1618), otherwise known as “Kansas Charitable Gaming Measure.”   Here is a link to complete information about the ballot question.  Voters can vote “Yes” or “No”.,_SCR_1618_%282014%29

The measure is designed to allow Friends of the Library groups, quilt guilds, veterans organizations and other non-profits to hold legal raffles as fundraisers.  Currently those types of activities are not permitted.

Watch candidate debates:

Watch the candidate debates from the Kansas State Fair:

Sam Brownback vs. Paul Davis

Pat Roberts vs. Greg Orman

On September 28, the Eudora Middle School hosted a debate between candidates for the U.S. House District #2: Chris Clemmons, Libertarian; Margie Wakefield, Democrat; and Lynn Jenkins, incumbent Republican. You can watch the debate here. The video is presented unedited in any format and exactly as the event occurred.

The Kansas City Star has released its recommendations in the Kansas House races. View it here.

Do you need to locate your polling place for the upcoming election?  Unsure of your registration status? Follow this link to check your registration status and find your polling location.

Vote early at the library on October 28, from 1:00-7:00 pm in the upstairs meeting room.