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Basehor Library WiFi FAQ

Please read our Wireless Network Access Policy. By connecting to our wireless, you agree to the terms and conditions in our Policy.

Q: What do I need to connect to the library’s WiFi?

A: You will need the following –

  • A laptop computer with at least an 802.11b wireless network adapter or better.
  • A charged battery (electrical outlets are available in some areas of the library).
  • Headphones (if planning to listen to audio content.)
  • Your parents permission (if you’re under 18 years of age.)

Q: How do I connect to the Library WiFi?

A: Easy! Just open your computers’ wireless connection screen and choose the network named “basehorlibrary”.

  • In Windows it’s under Start->ControlPanel->Network Connections
  • In OS X under Sytem Preferences->Network->Airport

Q: I can’t get it to work! Will you help me fix it?

A: We can try, if you give us permission. We’re not computer technicians, so we can’t be held responsible for damage to your device. Don’t give permission unless you’re willing to not hold us responsible for any damage done.

Q: Can I bring in my own laptop?

A: Absolutely. Children under age 18 will need their parents’ permission to bring in their laptop.

Q: Can I print to the library’s printers?

A: Yes! See the instructions here.

Q: Can I use File-Sharing programs like BitTorrent, KaZaa or LimeWire to download files on your WiFi?

A: No – File-Sharing programs impact the performance of the wireless access for everyone, which is not allowed. Always verify that the content you wish to download is not protected by copyrights or other restrictions.

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