Collection Development Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to guide in the selection of materials and to inform the public about the principles upon which selections are made.

Collection Development includes the planning, selection, acquiring, cataloging, and weeding of all library materials. Library materials include, but are not limited to the following: books, periodicals, reference works, newspapers, books on CD, videos, DVDs, large print materials,  and graphic novels.

I. Mission Statement
The mission of the Basehor Community Library is to provide recreational, cultural, educational and reference information materials and services to residents of the library district to stimulate ideas, advance knowledge and enhance quality of life.

II. Collection Objective
The aim of the Basehor Community Library is service to all residents of the library district including people of every age, education, philosophy, occupation, economic level and ethnic origin. This service will extend to residents in the Northeast Kansas Library System and the State of Kansas. The collection contains information on a variety of subjects and views and is organized to provide free and easy access to patrons within the limitations of space and budget. More specifically, it helps people to keep current with change in all areas, educate themselves continually, become better members of their families and communities, become socially and politically aware, be more capable in their occupations, develop their creative abilities and spiritual capacities, appreciate and enjoy literature and art, contribute to the overall expanse of knowledge and stimulate their own personal and social well-being.

III. Intellectual Freedom*
The Basehor Community Library Board of Directors endorses the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read statement, and Freedom to View statement of the American Library Association and the Intellectual Freedom statement of the Kansas Library Association. These statements are included in the Appendix and are intended to be a part of this policy statement.
*Reaffirmed by the Basehor Community Library Board of Trustees, July 14, 2016

IV. Responsibility for Selection
The final responsibility for materials selection and the development of the library collection rests with the Library Director, who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Board of Directors. The actual selection of materials is accomplished by trained library staff under the general supervision of the Director.

V. Selection Criteria
Library materials are selected on the basis of informational, educational, cultural, and recreational value and are selected in compliance with the mission and goals of the Basehor Community Library. The general criteria that is used in selecting all materials and formats for the library’s collection development is as follows:
Public demand and interest
Suitability of subject, style, and reading level for the intended audience
Reflection of all sides of issues
Reputation of the author, artist, publisher or producer
Quality of the physical format in relation to durability
Local or national significance
Examination of the existing materials to determine if additional or more current materials are needed
Critical reviews in professional publications which include, but are not limited to: Book Pages,      Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, New York Times Book Review, Publishers Weekly, School Library Journal, VOYA.

Recommendations by library patrons who fill out a request form and turn in at the circulation desk will be considered for purchase if funds are available. Requests will be considered under the same criteria used for the purchase of other library materials.

VI. Interlibrary Loan
The Basehor Community Library will use interlibrary loan to provide materials that cannot be added to the collection because of space and/or budget. This is not designed to substitute for providing books and other materials in constant demand. The library will cooperate with the Kansas State Library and the Regional Systems to provide interlibrary loan as an essential service to library users.

VII. Gifts, Donations, and Memorials
Gifts or donations of books or other materials will be accepted by the library with the understanding that they may be used or disposed of as the library determines as appropriate. This will be determined by using the same criteria set forth in the policy for the selection of library materials. Gifts or donations that are not added to the collection will be placed in the library book sale.
Gifts or donations of books or other materials to the Basehor Community Library may be deductible and a receipt listing the number of items may be given to the donor if requested. The library will have the privilege of using cash donations in a manner that will best serve the operation of the library and its service to the patrons. Gifts or donations made to the Basehor Community Library become the sole property of the library and remain so until they are either added to the collection or until a decision is made by the library administration and/or the library board about their appropriate use.

VIII. Weeding (Deselecting) Materials
Weeding (deselecting) is an ongoing process with the goal of maintaining the quality of library resources. Materials that are outdated, worn, damaged, duplicated, inaccurate, or no longer in demand may be removed from the collection on a regular basis. The library staff with the general direction and supervision of the Library Director will be solely responsible for the weeding (deselecting) materials from the collection.

IX. Confidentiality of Library Records
The Basehor Community Library will make every reasonable and responsible effort to keep information about the patron confidential. Refer to Basehor Community Library’s confidentiality policy.

X. Challenged Materials
The Basehor Community Library considers all materials selected under this policy to be constitutionally protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
The Library Board of Directors recognizes the right of individuals to question materials in the library collection. If a patron objects to the presence of any library material, the library staff will use the following procedure:
1. The Library Director or a designated department head should handle all challenges of materials. An appointment (in person) should be offered to the person making the complaint.
2. A private area should be chosen for the meeting. The Library Director, with another staff person or board member as witness, will listen to the individual or group making the complaint.
3. The Library Director should explain the general criteria of the library’s selection policies. The library and the Library Board of Directors subscribe to the freedom statements in the library’s policy.
4. If the person making the complaint wants to continue the procedure, he or she will be requested to complete a “Reconsideration of Library Materials” form. The person or group must be properly identified and the complaint form must be filled out in its entirety.
5. After the director receives the completed form, the director shall appoint a committee consisting of the director or staff member appointed by the director, the person who recommended the material be purchased, a board member, someone from the community who is a library user and a person selected by those making the complaint.
6. The process for reconsideration will be explained to those making the complaint and they will be notified after the committee makes a recommendation.
7. If those making the complaint are not satisfied with the committee decision, they may appeal to the Library Board of Directors within three weeks of the committee decision.
8. If the decision is appealed to the board, the material in question, all supporting information concerning the decision to purchase this material, and the decision of the committee should be forwarded to the board. The board’s decision will be final.

XI. Legal Authority
The Basehor Community Library is organized under the laws of Kansas and authorized under K.S.A. 12-1236 et seq. to acquire by purchase, gift or exchange the materials and equipment deemed necessary by the board for the maintenance and extension of modern library services.

Adopted by the Basehor Community Library Board of Directors April 12, 2006; amended November 12, 2015; Intellectual Freedom statements reaffirmed July 14, 2016.