Unattended Children Policy

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The Board of Directors hopes that the children who use the library will find the facility to be a warm and inviting place to develop a love of books, reading, and the library.

Prompted by genuine concern for the safety and well-being of this community’s children, the Board of Directors has adopted a policy for unattended children. This policy affirms that library personnel do not take the place of the parent, act as caregiver, nor assume responsibility for unattended children. For your child’s safety and for the comfort of all library patrons, we ask that these guidelines be followed.

STAFF WILL CALL THE POLICE AND NOTIFY THE SUPERVISING LIBRARIAN IMMEDIATELY if the safety or well-being of any child in the library is in jeopardy.

1. Children under the age of ten should be accompanied by their care provider at all times. This will give the provider an opportunity to teach the child/children appropriate behavior for a library/public place and respect for other patrons and books. We welcome your help in making the Basehor Community Library a safe and enjoyable place for all ages. The Basehor Community Library is a public building and unfortunately, there are people who come into the library who may make your child uncomfortable or even harm them.

The staff cannot be responsible for the safety of your child. Should it come to the attention of the library staff that a child under the age of ten has been left alone, we will attempt to locate the parents and explain our concerns. If the parents cannot be located within an hour or if the library is closing, the police will be contacted for assistance.

2. Children aged ten or older may be left unattended providing their behavior follows the Code of Conduct for the library. Should the child’s behavior become unacceptable, the child will be asked to leave. Concern for the child’s safety is paramount and an attempt will be made to locate the child’s parents so they are aware of the situation and may pick up their child if they wish. If a parent cannot be located, the police may be called for assistance.

3. Parents are responsible for teaching a child the proper behavior in a library. The library staff welcomes all those who abide by the library’s Code of Conduct. If the behavior of a child under the age of ten becomes unacceptable, the parent or caregiver will be asked to correct the problem. If the behavior continues, the parent or caregiver and child may be asked to leave.

Those responsible for children should know:

  • Any person exhibiting unacceptable behavior will be asked to leave the library.
  • Staff will notify the parent of a child involved in disruptive behavior. If the parent is not located, the police may be called.
  • Chronic offenders may be denied use of the library.

4. Parents are responsible for picking up their children before the library closes. When the library closes, the doors are locked, the lights are turned off and no one is available to supervise the outside areas. If a child under the age of 18 is still in the library at closing time and the parents cannot be located, the police will be called to assist in locating a parent.

These guidelines are set for the safety of your children and for the comfort of all those using the library facilities and services.

 Amended and Approved by the Basehor Community Library Board of Directors October 12, 2006; reviewed March 7, 2017.